An innovative full-service online market research company specialising in uncovering insights through online quantitative and qualitative research utilising our highly profiled panel community.

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An innovative full-service online market research company specialising in uncovering insights through online quantitative and qualitative research utilising our highly profiled panel community.

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We have built our reputation on nurturing relationships with our clients and our panellists for over a decade. We are Africa’s first digital insights company, uniquely positioned to be your single-source solution for all research needs. Our team takes great pride in defining and shaping the future of the research industry, so we can better serve our clients.

infoQuest specialises in helping businesses make better marketing decisions by ensuring superior, quicker, more reliable market research at a fraction of the cost of any alternatives.

We eat, live and breath quality research. Utilisation of technologically advanced systems assures our clients that we provide them with valuable data of integrity, reliably, and our focus is on quality, dependability and innovation.

infoQuest (formerly PSA), founded in 2005 and based in Johannesburg, South Africa, are specialists in technology enabled solutions that generate reliable, consistent and actionable data and insights to enhance the decision-making capability of marketers and researchers.

The company pioneered longitudinal online market research services in Africa. Our single mission has been to harness the latest technology, design thinking and the best science to deliver marketing data of the highest integrity, reliably to guide decision makers.


We have now extended our capabilities to provide insight solutions that make it easier, faster and more cost effective for market research professionals.

We own and manage Tell Us About It, a quality research panel with around 15 000 active panellists, giving us a 35% average response rate and 90% compliancy with multiple surveys.

We practice stringent quality control measures (most are automated solutions) to ensure that respondents are suitably engaged and answer surveys honestly and quickly.

Our average turnaround time is 24 hours for a short, nationally representative survey, from start to finish, and we are available 24/7.

We passionately believe in well-managed, online research panels, offering technology enabled survey solutions and innovative survey methodologies, to offer integrated design thinking to engage with clients and consumers.

We make sure our respondents are real people – routine robust, continually-refreshed profiles and panel community quality checks. As the African leader in online data collection, we deliver the benefits of this expertise to you through our products, services and people, to help you make better decisions and achieve better results.

Development of our unique multi-mode technology, to engage with the diversity of the population in our country, sets us apart. We are able to apply the same research investigations across multiple platforms, both traditional and non-traditional devices, including computer, mobile, CAPI CATI and face-to-face. All integrated into one data file.

Panel Sample

We provide research & marketing professionals with access to an online sample of respondents from our research panels.

Digital Survey

In-house capabilities to script and field online surveys on our panels or external lists using the latest survey technology.

Omnibus Survey

Obtain valuable insights swiftly and inexpensively by adding your questions to our regularly-scheduled omnibus survey. Answers to your burning questions within 24 hours at a minimal cost.

Online Communities

Targeted respondents from our panel for forums, chat sessions, blogs, quick polls and other platforms for qual/quant approaches.

Panel Management

We handle all panel relationship management, recruitment and communication to respondent support, as well as incentive management and payment.

Proprietary Panels

Flexible options to provide you with your very own network of customers (or non-customers).

The pillars of our boutique are customer interactive insights, decision support optimisation and fact change measurement to support your business decisions.

Instant Insights get you answers to up to 7 questions within 24 hours. Yet it is as reliable as any of our other marketing research products, because we apply proven methodologies.

Ad-AuditQ is InfoQuest’s diagnostic tool that both measures delivery of creative execution against strategy, but also fine-tunes the execution to be more effective.

Online-QualQ is an interactive solution providing brands direct access to customers’ discussions qualitatively around selected topics to generate insights through conversations.

BenchQuest is our creative insight solution that compares an organisation’s business processes and performance metrics to industry bests to improve the customer experience.

TrendQ delivers continuous and cost-effective monitoring of consumers behaviour to spot trend curves and provide deep dive insights that give you an advantage over your competitors.

We continue to develop and refine attested innovative methods and cross-platform technologies to optimise research performance.

Through our online panels and research products, infoQuest delivers valuable, high-quality data, to help clients make informed business decisions.


Our Panel

Nationally representative of the South African population 18+ who access the Internet at least once a month. This is assured by our unique method of random selection of nationally representative, targeted sample.



We pre-segment audiences on the Tell Us About it panel based on detailed demographic and attitudinal information (media consumption, phone ownership etc), giving clients direct access to their target audience quickly and efficiently.



Getting the recruitment right is fundamental to the success of the research community to ensure that there are enough respondents and that they are the right people for a particular project. Recruitment is also key to the health of the research community, and also to the quality of the data received. we adhere to a strict double opt-in process and respondents are verified.


Data Quality

infoquest ensures that panel quality is of the highest calibre. our quality begins at recruitment and continues throughout the survey process. Our system eliminates duplicates, fraud, and abuse and is finalised with a certified sample. Our surveys are configured and programmed in accordance with strict internal quality assurance measures.

Our diverse and experienced team has some of the brightest minds and most skilled executives in the business. Our primary goal is to provide quality services, which include survey design, programming,  managing responses and packaging insights.

Mike Broom
Claire Heckrath
Michel Katuta
Non-Executive Director
Mogorosi Mashilo
Research Director
Nadira Singh
Project Manager
100% Black owned, full service agency

Ideas. Love. Insights – We are a 100% black-owned full service advertising agency founded in 2014, with a deep understanding of our local market

infoQuest’s Research Partner: Founded by Butch Rice in 2016 to utilise his four decades of research experience globally, combined with the latest thinking in behavioural economics, evolutionary psychology, neuroscience, and digital data collection methods via infoQuest to deliver valid, reliable insights to clients.

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